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Turkey eVisa

About Turkey eVisa

With Turkey eVisa, you can travel to Turkey and obtain the visa via e-mail, making the process smoother and time-saving. There is one type of Turkey eVisa for Indian nationals visiting Turkey- 30 days tourist or business eVisa.

Types of eVisas

For, Turkey eVisa for Indians, there is one type of eVisa that is available-

30 days Tourist and Business Visa- Single Entry
The processing time is 48 hours.

In order to apply for this eVisa, your passport validity should necessarily be 6 months from the date of arrival.

This visa type is valid for 180 days.

For refund, the money is deducted only once the visa is approved. Incase of any rejection,money will not be deducted.

This visa is non-extendable.

Documents required for
Turkey eVisa

The documents required for Turkey visa are-

  • Passport copy
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Return ticket copy
  • Funds of up to USD 50
  • Valid supporting document (Valid visa or valid residence permit from one of the Schengen countries- USA, UK or Ireland. Please note that eVisas are not accepted as supporting documents.

Documents required for

The following documents are to be presented on arrival in Turkey:

  • Passport
  • Flight Tickets
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Proof of sufficient funds (USD 50 per day)
  • Visa/Residence Permit from Schengen Area, Ireland, U.K. or U.S. (No eVisas)


  • eVisa applications can be created for an individual, for a family (2 to 10 people) or for a group (10 to 300 people).
  • eVisa fee can be made only in US Dollars.
  • eVisa application has no connection with Turkish Embassies or Consulate General.
  • If you overstay your visa, you might be asked to pay fines, deported or banned future travel to Turkey for a specified period of time.
  • In case notified by the system that your eVisa application cannot be processed, visit the nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate.